From the release of the iPhone, mobile applications have morphed and evolved into an industry of their own and can no longer be thought of as just a medium for Gen Xers. As more than half of the population now owns a smart phone device, the demographics have widened as well and we find more awareness of applications and their benefits with small business owners typically being a little more knowledgeable of the importance of mobile overall.

In addition to the rapid growth of the Android Market, the adaptation of utilizing applications for marketing purposes by large multimillion dollar corporations and small independent businesses alike. A business who has yet to even develop a website in this day and age has a very short window to optimize their business presence for mobile or prepare to shut their doors within the next three years.

Towards the end of 2012 and moving into 2013 it is my opinion that we will see rapid implementation of NFC or Near Field Communications technology in mobile applications for marketing purposes. This technology has been in use in Asia and Europe for some time now and is especially popular in Japan. NFC utilizes the built in GPS of the phone and then sends users messages from businesses they have subscribed to when the person is within a particular distance from the location of the business. This technology has the potential to totally level the playing field for locally owned businesses competing against large online corporations for local dollars.

Action App is positioned to take advantage of all aspects of the mobile application industry from conceptual, to development and marketing.With well over 70 popular mobile apps already in the iTunes Store and Android Market, the company is well on its way to being one of the more prolific app developers in the industry. In addition to utilizing state of the art marketing methods for monetizing the free applications, the company is aggressively pursuing direct partnerships with major advertisers.

The chart below from December 2011 represents a portion of Action App mobile application inventory as reported by App Figures:

Our All Pro Apps division will allow independent businesses or corporations to have their own easy to maintain mobile application that will help them engage and grow their client base. The explosive growth of Social Media has proven that people want and like the convenience of networks, having your own mobile app for your business allows you to maintain a closer relationship with your clients and prospective clients by communicating special offers or coupons directly to them.

The marriage of mobile applications for local businesses with NFC technology will be a game changer for many and for some it will be a game ender…



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