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On February 7, 2012, in Mobile Industry News, by admin

Hello and thanks for following the Action App blog

I try to write interesting and informative posts for you in addition to alerting you when we have updates coming etc. We have all been incredibly busy after a very positive quarter and we have numerous new apps awaiting approval in iTunes currently as well as updates to our current apps with many new features.

We have begun integration of the two mobile app developers we bought; part of the new apps mentioned above are representative of one of the buy outs. When full integration is completed we will have an inventory of over 500 mobile apps in iTunes alone and we will be well on our way to ONE of our goals, 1000 mobile apps in the iTunes Store… We will also continue on with deploying our most successful mobile apps across Android and will also begin building applications for Windows Mobile which is projected to overtake even iOS by 2015.

As Action App’s Chief Marketing Officer, I have also been as always, managing every aspect of revenue for each application on a daily basis and we are seeing constant and steady improvement every month.  This is an area that is often neglected by many mobile app developers and publishers but it is crucial to the success of any mobile developer. See the article I wrote recently on the subject of optimizing mobile ad networks… Here’s a hint for other mobile app developers and publishers from months of ad testing, give Millennial Media a shot with video enabled ads – it can get you much higher eCPMs and fill rates than AdMob or iAds at this point…

“We have a great deal of experience in this exciting sector of the mobile industry that is growing and changing on a moment by moment basis…”

We always use the analogy of “eating an elephant”, when we talk about our goals and the business model we have set in place. Like an elephant, it is a huge plan we have envisioned, but we have to eat “our elephant” one bite at a time as well, beginning with what creates revenue first and foremost.

Whether you are an app user or an investor you will be pleased to see all of the new updates and additions we have coming in the coming days and weeks as we begin rolling out new mobile applications for iOS and Android as well updating our current inventory. We will also begin identifying most popular countries outside the U.S. for localization services to translate our top mobile apps into the top performing countries.

We are working on several exciting projects that will keep all of us incredibly busy for the rest of the year for sure, so bear with us as we grow and keep watching for new apps and ideas from Action App.

Now Let’s go, Hurry up and build an empire!




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