Okay, now that I have you attention let me explain further and hopefully I can give back to the community with some tips that any app developer or publisher should know if they intend to remain a viable business going forward. Many mobile app publishers and developers have either zero or very little marketing experience, they know PHP, but they don’t know eCPM! The lack of knowledge in this crucial area of a mobile app business can be costly.

This article is mainly directed towards in app advertising, however there are a couple of little nuggets you may pick up from this for other areas of your business. Many new mobile app publishers will choose to just use iAds or AdMob and leave it at that but that type of set it and forget it business model is literally costing larger companies millions of dollars!

This is still the Wild Wild West of the mobile app publishing and advertsing sector of mobile app technology, there are many other opportunities for those publishers who take the time to watch their data, analyze it and make changes DAILY!

First, you must realize what fill rates and eCPMS are and why you must pay very close attention to them in order to not only stop the bleeding in your in app advertising revenue but also maximize your ROI for every app in your inventory.


The screenshot above represents the key data that you need to be concerned with when managing the ad networks for your mobile applications and/or websites.  Now I am no analytically gifted data nerd so this is entirely in “laymen’s terms”, LOL.

The number of impressions is the number of times your app displayed ads, the fill rate is the percentage calculated between the number of requests for ads and actual impressions shown. For Ad Networks that track actual click throughs, the clicks, conversions, and CTR numbers track the progress of the user through the ad networks from the app.

eCPM represents your profit or earnings per thousand impressions.  Bottom line – the higher the fill rate and the higher your eCPMs, the more money you will earn. I know of many developers and publishers that run their advertising only through iAds, iAds fill rates are below 50%, so that means that 50% of your traffic is seeing no ads at all! THAT is costing you money every hour of every day.

This post is a work in progress and will be added to as I have more to give you, but the main point I want to make to all developers out there is to not put all of your eggs in one basket. Whether you are seeking ad revenue from your app inventory or you desire to create ad campaigns for promoting your own apps across ad networks, you must select several different ad networks and test them against each other. Some applications will perform substantially better across various ad networks and can be as much as $3-4 difference in eCPM!


If you are getting a decent number of impressions, this can be costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars everyday. This is why it is crucial for any mobile app development or publishing company to have someone on staff to maintain, analyze and oversee the advertising and marketing for each mobile application and website in your inventory.

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