As one who has been online virtually since it was available to the public I have seen many changes occur over the last two decades. We saw many local businesses fail because of their inability to compete with the online superstores and we saw countless new online businesses started and today even small mom and pop type businesses have their own website thanks to open source Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Joomla.

The introduction of the iPhone and iPod birthed another new industry as mobile application downloads have exceeded everyone’s expectations, this new industry has only continued to grow rapidly as more Apple devices have been introduced including the iPad and others including Google-Android, Blackberry, and  Windows Mobile have also joined the mobile app development community.

A current trend that I have been watching is companies foregoing the development of websites and developing mobile apps in their place. We see that increasingly more people are using their mobile devices to access the web and a desire to be able to save their favorites on their device for easy access which makes converting websites to mobile apps a very viable business model today as well.

Until recently, mobile applications have been built for certain native Operating Systems(OS) such as iOS for Apple or Google’s Android platform, but with the advancement of HTML5 allowing for cross platform universal mobile applications that are web based instead of relying on a native OS, the game is changing quickly.

I believe that the popularity of HTML5 with web based and cloud based mobile applications will be the catalyst that allows Android and Windows Mobile to rise above Apple’s iOS by 2015 as has been projected by industry analysts. The cross platform compatibility of HTML5 mobile apps is exciting for developers because by employing this technology a mobile app developer can develop an app once in HTML5 and it will work on virtually any device which eliminates the need to build an app in multiple operating systems. For the consumer the advantages are desirable as well, with an HTML5 app if you decide to switch from an iPhone to a Droid or vice-versa you will still be able to keep your apps, currently this is not possible.

This is truly an amazing time to live and work in the mobile industry with endless innovations and improvements being continually announced and the opportunity for small start up companies to become multi-billion dollar companies if they are open minded and aggressive and have the courage to take the steps that the pioneers of this industry need to take in order to be leaders in the industry.

In every new industry the early movers are usually the ones who reap the biggest benefit, it has been that way throughout history and the mobile app development industry is no different. If you want to remain relevant in this fast changing sector then you must adapt and evolve, it’s that simple.

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