Andiamo Corporation (ANDI) Announces Campaign Matrix, an Automated Online Marketing Campaign Creator

ST. PETERSBURG, FL–(Marketwired – Apr 9, 2013) - Andiamo Corporation (PINKSHEETS:ANDI) announces that Campaign Matrix has been launched. Campaign Matrix fully integrates research, campaign creation, marketing, tracking, and optimization into a single web-based platform.

A free trial is available at

Campaign Matrix is designed for all businesses that use the internet as part of their marketing to maximize their advertising returns and to track and maximize the success of their online marketing.

Features include a spy tool that allows you to see competitor PPC ads to see what ads they’re displaying as well as what competitors are paying for their ad placements and the relative effectiveness of their ads.

Affiliate marketers are be able to research new markets to determine what is selling and are able to quickly launch new advertising campaigns, and track the results of their marketing efforts to increase profits.

Users can build websites, landing pages, and blogs. It also optimizes your landing pages for high quality scores and conversion while optimizing your blog posts to rank well in the search engines. All of this is managed from a single dashboard to make better use of time.

With its complete integration and ease-of-use, Campaign Matrix, will be the leader in the industry to research, launch, track, and optimize any promotional marketing campaign.

If you want to automate your online marketing, spy on your competition, and get the best possible return from your online advertising go to Campaign Matrix ( and take advantage of the free 7 Day Trial offer ( now!

“We are happy to provide this platform to help businesses and affiliate marketers become more efficient with their advertising on an affordable monthly subscription basis. This model will also be beneficial for our shareholders as we increase monthly users and revenue,” said Dustin Secor, CEO.

About Andiamo Corporation:
ActionApp is currently expanding their popular and profitable inventory of apps in rapid fashion across Apple and Android having reached a short term goal of 500 apps in their portfolio, with 1000 Apps set for a longer term goal. ActionApp has exceeded 20 million downloads and is now using that experience to expand into other web and app-based opportunities such as Campaign Matrix.

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    Campaign Matrix

    Campaign Matrix went LIVE at 9:55 PM on April 8, 2013

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Action App Corporation (ANDI) Exceeds 20 Million App Downloads


ST. PETERSBURG, FL–(Marketwire – Jan 22, 2013) – Andiamo Corporation ( PINKSHEETS : ANDI ), announced that it has reached a significant milestone for their business when their 20 millionth App was downloaded.

“Exceeding 20 million downloads really proves that we are a viable company and here to stay and to grow! We have released over 500 Apps which can be found on both the Apple and Android platforms. It is all about traffic and the cross promotion of our Apps within our user base,” said Secor, CEO of ANDI.

Action App performs through both paid and free Apps. Their free Apps have displayed in excess of 200 Million ad impressions, making them a great opportunity for companies wishing to advertise and to enter the App sector with an immediate presence.

Secor further commented, “We will continue to release Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android as we grow our company. Our Apps are well positioned and we look to increase the quality of our Apps as well as our trend of more Apps. Over the last 30 days, 46 of our Apps have ranked in the top 100 in one or more of the App stores around the world, according to”

About Andiamo Corporation:

ActionApp is currently expanding their popular inventory of apps in rapid fashion across Apple and Android having reached a short term goal of 500 apps in their portfolio, with 1000 Apps set for a longer term goal. ActionApp has exceeded 20 million downloads and is now using that experience to expand into other web and app based opportunities.

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Do you like the black and white picture effect from the Photo Booth app on the Mac? It’s now available on your iPhone and iPod Touch!!

The most impressive black and white picture and video app on the app store!!

✓ Facebook profile pictures will never be boring with this APP!
✓ Check out the screen shots & see for yourself!

The black and white live video feed can be captured and shared as pictures at any time.

This app will provided hours of fun and entertainment especially with friends and family. See for yourself FOR FREE ;-)

What’s New in Version 1.7

minor code changes

iPhone Screenshots

iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 2
iPhone Screenshot 3

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February 27, 2012 (St Petersburg, FL)

Andiamo Corporation (PINK:ANDI) announces that, over the last 4 weeks, negotiations have been progressing towards a buy out of ANDI by a larger, publicly traded company.  ANDI announced today that the Board of Directors of ANDI have opted to cease negotiations of this potential buy out at this time.
”While we agreed in principal to the advantages of being bought out by a much larger company, we couldn’t come to final terms that were in the best interest of our shareholders.  The other CEO and I have parted on good terms and the door is open for future negotiations.  We believe that with all of the new and exciting things that are currently on our plate, that a proper valuation could not be made at this time.  Once our next round of apps are released and properly monetized, we may be in a better position to negotiate a better price on behalf of our shareholders.  While ANDI is not currently “for sale”, we will always entertain offers and opportunities as they are presented.’ said ANDI CEO Secor.

Secor further stated, “This was also a great validation of our business model to have such a fantastic company looking at ANDI for growth through acquisition.  We are excited to continue our business model in this exciting sector that is evolving faster than anyone can possibly imagine.  We look at our current position as a beginning and not an end and look forward to continuing the growth of our company for the benefit of our shareholders.”


Due to a confidentiality agreement, the potential purchaser may not be named at this time.

Action App, a prolific Smartphone App developer and accumulator is closing in on 15 million downloads with 77 apps in its current inventory.  Action App is adding to its inventory and should be over 500 apps within a very short period of time.  Once these Apps are complete, Action App will look to Android, Windows Mobile and Kindle, as well as other potential acquisitions for continued growth.  The company is scheduled to release its quarterly report on or before March 15, 2012.


Please see our Safe Harbor Statement at

Investor Relations

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The mobile application sector CAN be a very profitable industry to be in but it comes with some caveats, if you aren’t careful you can be out of business before you are really “in business”. I want to give my fellow developers out there a few tips to help you out a little. I know some of you are probably thinking, “why would he give help to his competition?” – Simple answer, competition is good, it’s healthy, it’s good for the industry and it’s good for us too, besides, I am confident in the team we have assembled and in our vision going forward.

One of the BIGGEST mistakes fledgling, would be app developers make is trying to be the “winning horse” right out of the gate. Humans aren’t without ego and THIS is ALL ego. The need or desire to create the “next big app” will end your dreams of being a mobile app developer before they even begin. Some of the mobile app developers making solid consistent revenue are doing it with mobile apps that you most likely have never even heard of. That’s right, you DON’T have to be the next “Angry Birds” or Temple Run” t o do well in the mobile app industry.

There are numerous ways to make money from mobile applications besides charging for downloads which we will touch on later in this article. Start small, if you don’t know how to program then post on sites such as eLance, Rent a Coder, and Freelanced to find developers who can build your first inexpensive apps. You really need to watch your budget here and my suggestion is to begin spending as little as possible until you have some success. Try to stay well under $500 for your first apps until you can get them to market and find out if you are going to make any revenue from them or not. With that said, I feel like success in the mobile app sector is a numbers game so the more apps you can get out there, the more opportunity for them to be popular and profitable.

Have you ever heard this quote? “You have to walk before you can run”

This is so true for the mobile app market as well. You will find it far easier to create the dream app you would like IF you have a solid income backing you up before you go after it. The way to build a solid mobile app business is the same as any other, first you have to build a foundation. Now, let me dispel any myths of what a foundation means. It isn’t a huge building, it isn’t money, it isn’t even a grand idea for the next big thing – The foundation for your business is the people you surround yourself with, your team. A big building will just be an empty shell without a team and money will come and go without the right people in place to begin with. The ability to let go of your ego and hire people even smarter than yourself to do the things that you do not know how to do, or don’t have time to do is the key to success in ANY market.

The next big issue in my opinion, is accountability. Regardless of whether you are developing apps yourself, have an in house team, or you are outsourcing you must set clear goals and projections as well as set deadlines that MUST be kept. One part of the team that doesn’t do their job affects the entire company, this is why it is crucial to hire people that can share your vision instead of people with a “worker bee” mentality. If you hire talented creative people and pay them a solid base with profit sharing then they have a vested interest in the success of the company, they aren’t just an employee anymore. Accountability applies to you too, I don’t ask anyone in our company to do anything I am not willing to do and you should set the example. I ask myself at the end of everyday, “Would the company be successful if everyone worked like I did today?” – IF, you can’t answer yes, then you need to have a heart to heart talk with yourself…

Okay, now let’s assume you make it to the point where you have an app or a few apps with a decent amount of downloads and active users. Here’s the next quagmire for mobile app developers:

How to monetize mobile apps for maximum return on investment – ROI



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Go Mobile Or Go Out Of Business

On February 4, 2012, in Mobile Industry News, by admin

Strong statement I know, but in the VERY near future this will not be opinion or theory, it will be fact. Those still hawking websites are like the dying companies still trying to sell long distance service to generations of people who have become aware that they no longer have to pay it. Both of these dying business models are akin to selling shoes to a man with no feet – of no use and no interest…

How many people go running around town with a PC or even their laptop with them everywhere they go? Even Appleheads don’t carry their iPads EVERYWHERE, but they won’t go to the bathroom without their iPhone! My point is that everyday our world and our lives are becoming more mobile optimized and smartphone users are driving rapid evolution in this relatively infantile industry. When you are driving around town looking for a place to eat or have a few beers, what do you do? You pull out your phone and pull up and app like “Around Me” and search for what you are looking for. No yellow pages, no 411, you open an app and find what you want and you call or go there, don’t you?

Okay, now that we got that out of the way…

It’s no secret that the Unites States is behind the curve as far as mobilization is concerned. Mobi thinking recently penned a post entitled “The Mobile City Project” - in this post the contributing authors share some of the world’s most mobile-centric cities based upon a set base of criteria such as 3G subscriber penetration, mobile data service subscriptions, high speed broadband and more. Where maximum user penetration of multi media capable devices is concerned, Tokyo, Japan leads the rest of the world with an amazing 99% of the city’s citizens being equipped with mobile devices that allow them to engage in multi media activities such as downloading music and watching videos as well as making mobile payments.

However, the market is changing quickly and in 2011 over 85% of all handsets sold were capable of mobile web browsing with smart phones showing the most growth in this segment of the mobile industry. Many mobile users ONLY access the web via a mobile device and either rarely or never go online on a desktop, laptop, or even a tablet. Even in the U.S. over 25% of mobile web users are mobile only and this figure is growing larger all the time. Look around the next time you are out at the mall or a movie theater where lots of kids are around, you’ll see all of them on their phones surfing the web, watching videos, getting on Facebook and playing with apps on their iPhone or Android phone. These kids are YOUR future if you own a business that markets to consumers or even business to business.

If you haven’t built a website yet, don’t fret, you can still escape going the way of the dinosaur, VHS, long distance, and the desktop by finally waking up and realizing that the world has gone mobile and it is only going to become more prevalent. In the near future you won’t even have to pull out a debit card to make a payment, you will simply scan a code with your phone to make a payment. Imagine how much it would lower your customer acquisition costs and increase customer retention by having your own mobile app that you can display at your point of sale to allow your customers to stay in touch and vice versa. Most customers surveyed want a close interaction with establishments they frequent, they want to hear from you and it will only benefit your business to offer such services.

Between now and 2015 the mobile industry will change in ways that even many of us who work in the industry everyday will not see coming. New programming languages such as HTML5 are changing the way that apps are being written with the ability to write code for mobile applications that are cross platform compatible like some of the new apps we are releasing soon written in Unity 3D and GameSalad.

It’s your choice, either get in the mobile game or go ahead and prepare to hang a for sale or out of business sign on your door. You have a couple of years to get your mobile act together and your competition has access to the same information you do. One of our new divisions, All Pro Apps, was created to help businesses create and maintain their own mobile app and mobile web presence as well as send SMS text messages to their customers. We are committed to the mobile industry and our aggressive and innovative team is constantly finding new ways to increase our footprint in this exciting sector.





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