Accurate. Phone Tracker GPS Locator – Find Anyone -

Free & Lite

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide tracking functionality.

✓ Check out the screen shots & see for yourself!

Number 1 phone tracker application on the market !!!

Enter the number of the phone you want to track and watch as the app searches around the world for the phone’s location. Trick your friends into thinking that you can actually track their phones. Watch their reaction as they freak out about the fact that you can track them. For entertainment purposes only. A cellular or wifi connection is required. Works every time and the reactions are priceless!!

Great way to get a girl’s or guy’s phone number as well ;-)

The only tracker app in the App Store with professional grade CIA sounds !!!


What’s New in Version 2.3

Minor Changes

iPhone Screenshots

iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 2


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Gregg Hall

Social Media President and CMO

Gregg is a 17 year veteran of online marketing with an additional dozen years sales management and training experience.

A very prolific author online with thousands of published articles, he is also an expert in SEO and LSI content and copywriting. Gregg  is also a pioneer in video marketing online and just last year his independent citizen journalist coverage of the Gulf Oil Spill was picked up by major media outlets such as CNN, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. His knowledge and talent in this exciting new frontier will bring the power of video advertising and rich media to all of our smartphone applications as well as investor relations and promotion s.

From being involved in the introduction of the WebTV in 1994-1995 to helping design and create mobile applications and SMS/Mobile marketing campaigns in 2011, Gregg keeps his finger on the pulse of the latest technology trends and mobile technology is the future. Any company that does not embrace mobile marketing, including mobile video advertising, will not survive the next 3-5 years as mobile use for searches and purchases exceed even that of PCs and tablets.

As Social Media President and Chief Marketing Officer, Gregg will use his diverse skills and abilities to create the most keyword rich and user friendly content for the company sites and applications, drive traffic and increase conversions and ROI. In addition, he will also manage and maintain advertising and marketing campaigns for all mobile applications and assist in the development of new products and applications to increase the profitability of the company.

Gregg will also continue to perform SEO for company websites as well as add keyword rich content to keep our websites moving up in search rankings. As a side note; Gregg performed some needed optimization on our corporate website, Action App, which has already resulted in almost triple the traffic in less than a week. He has also optimized our site to be recognized and displayed optimally on mobile devices.

Gregg’s diverse experience, talents and skills along with an entrepreneurial mindset and out of the box problem solving strategies will be valuable asset for the corporation going forward into the future as we endeavor to become one of the most prolific mobile app developers in the industry.

What Gregg is currently working on

Promotion Videos for all of company apps

Company Intro – Vision- Investor – Video -

Demo Videos of All Apps

Adding all of our apps to our site (blog) – This alone has resulted in huge traffic increases and better search engine rankings.

Writing industry specific articles and blog posts to increase traffic and rankings

Continuing to maintain and optimize our websites…

Maintaining Facebook, Twitter, YouTube …

Begin editing descriptions on bottom performing/new apps and move upwards

Awaiting integration of Flurry for new ad testing for December

Working with developers to integrate social media and new ad placement optimization

Monitoring Mobile Advertising and adding newly approved apps to ad networks

Studying and analyzing data to increase CTR and CPM as well as identify new marketing and advertising opportunities

Set up and management of Android Market



CNN iReporter: TheGreggHall

Video Coverage of Gulf Oil Spill: True Reporting on YouTube

Top Author Online: Gregg Hall at Ezine Articles

Facebook Me – TheGreggHall

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QR Code Scan Reader App for iPhone Lite

On November 18, 2011, in iPhone Apps, by admin

QR Code Scan Reader App for iPhone Lite

QR Code Scanner:
–Simple and Fast to use
–Less than a Second Scan Time
–Automatically Takes Action

QR Code Scanner makes it easy and simple to scan QR Codes.

QR Codes are everywhere and this APP makes them easy to use. It comes with a full feature packed intuitive, high resolution, retina display with graphics interface with GREAT features!

QR Scanner can do all of the following with QR Codes:
-Provides a simple and easy way to scan all QR Codes even if they are upside down or sideways.
-Provides a fast scanning engine that takes less than a second to scan and provides the user with sensory feedback.
-An onboard parsing engine that will take your QR Code content and take actions, such as sending an email.
-Has a recent scans pages so you can see your history.

Check out the screen shots to see the APP in action!

This QR Scanner supports the following content, with its built in engine:

-Contacts-Opens in Address Book
-Link-Opens in Safari
-Email-Opens in Email Handler
-SMS-Opens in SMS App
-Telephone-Opens in Phone Mode
-Geographic-Opens in Maps App
-Plain Text-Opens in Text Reader

iPhone Screenshot

iPhone Screenshot 1


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