The internet made the world a much smaller place with people all over the world able to share and communicate with each other about virtually anything. Now with the evolution of mobile app technology we are even able to speak to each other via video conferencing on our mobile devices. For the savvy mobile app developer this new world has abundant opportunities to reach out and communicate with people all over the world via your mobile applications!

As you begin to get an appreciable amount of downloads you will be able to see what countries outside of your home country are performing best for your mobile application. You can get this data from your iTunes account or from third party providers like App Figures, Distimo or App Annie but regardless of the platform you can get stats like those in the chart below:

Now, armed with this information you can dig deeper and decide which markets are the most profitable for you to go into next. Hopefully you already realize the value in having free and paid apps so you will want to look at ad revenue possibilities as well as paid upgrades, you will find that some countries pay much better than others for the same ad. As you go through this process you will discover certain apps that do better in particular foreign markets which will also help you in the development process of future apps.

In the example above, without going into detailed analysis of paid downloads, ad revenue, etc we would first want to expand into the French market then German and so on. Of course, this is a very simplistic example for the purposes of this post but you get the idea. You want to choose your best performing mobile apps first and expand into the most profitable countries in order so that you get your maximum ROI.

The rest of the world is fascinated by mobile in Japan – but few people really know what’s going on. The truth is, quite simply, mind-boggling. Did you know? McDonald’s Japan mobile site has 16 million registered users (more than 12 percent of the Japanese population) and its m-coupon service is used by 4.5 million. – From Mobi Thinking Guide to Mobile Marketing in Japan

The bottom line is that there is another world of opportunity out there for you to increase your bottom line you just have to expend a little effort and a little investment into having your best performing apps localized for those particular countries.  These companies that specialize in localization not only translate your app titles, keywords, and descriptions but all the way through the app. It only makes sense that if you have a successful app in English that is performing well in Germany then it will do that much better translated for the native language.

For app localization try the companies listed below – I am not recommending them, just saving you some time looking them up!



As you expand your mobile app development empire be sure that you don’t overlook the low hanging fruit that can be found by simply localizing your apps and getting more business from the exposure and traffic you already have.


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