Teach T-Rex HD Free

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Teach T-Rex HD Free


Your instincts may lead you to tap the matching colored ball, but you have to read the labels to succeed

Teach T-Rex will enhance your child’s word recognition skills in a fun adventurous way

Watch as your child enjoys learning by matching words and colors and develops coordination

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Teach t Rex HD Free

Teach t Rex HD Free

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Paint and Draw with iPainter


iPainter is the most creative art app available in the app store today.

You can use your finger as a paint brush, as chalk even as your eraser

A great way to be creative for all ages.

Stick Figures and a sense of humor are welcome!

Just wiggle you finger to create your Funny Pictures!

Draw funny pictures:
Draw your mom driving the car
Draw your dog playing fetch


- No more Brushes!!! Just draw with your fingers.
- You can adjust the thickness using the slider with different inches.

- Amazing RGB combination Colors to create your own art

Play games like Hangman and Tic Tac Toe with friends and family

Visit the iTunes App Store and download this fun for all art app –

Paint and Draw with iPainter

Paint and Draw with iPainter

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On February 25, 2013, in iPhone Apps, Smartphone Apps, by Debi





Updated Version 1.4 is now available in the iTunes App Store:

You’re racing against the clock every second of the way

Save your sheep from an alien abduction by herding them to the barn

It’s harder than it sounds, try it for yourself

Great animated graphics and sound

Play with friends to see whose sheep don’t get captured

**Please be sure to check out our other apps**

Alien Sheep Abduction Free

Alien Sheep Abduction Free

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QR Bar Code Scanner. Scanning QR Code




Updated Version 1.5 is now available in the iTunes App Store

QR Code Scanner App!!!
-Split Second Scan Time
-Quick Real Time Scanning Mode
-Best, Easiest, Fastest Reading
-Automatically Scans and Takes Action

QR barcodes are the advancement of traditional barcodes that can hold considerably more data. QR barcodes can be used to share contacts, links, map locations and much more.

QR Codes are everywhere and this QR barcode reader APP makes them easy to read and use. It comes with a full feature packed intuitive, high resolution, retina display with graphics interface with GREAT features!

QR Code Scanner Features:

-Provides a simple and easy way to scan
-Reading all QR Codes even if they are upside down or sideways.
-Provides a fast scanning engine that takes less than a second to scan and provides the user with sensory feedback.
-An onboard parsing engine that will take your QR Code content and take actions, such as sending an email.
-Has recent scans pages so you can see your history.
-Quick, easy and fastest reader to read data hidden behind the QR Codes.

QR Barcode Scanner Supports:

-Contacts-Opens in Address Book
-Link-Opens in Safari
-Email-Opens in Email Handler
-SMS-Opens in SMS App
-Telephone-Opens in Phone Mode
-Geographic-Opens in Maps App
-Plain Text-Opens in Text Reader

Check out the screen shots to see the QR Code Scanning APP in action!

QR Bar Code Scanner Scanning QR Code

QR Bar Code Scanner Scanning QR Code





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Reaction Time and Drag Race Game

On February 20, 2013, in iPhone Apps, Smartphone Apps, by Debi

Reaction Time and Drag Race Game




Updated Version 3.1 Now Available in the iTunes App Store

Sitting on the starting line
Engine roaring under the hood

Light is Red, then GREEN
Stomp the gas and go!

See who has the fastest reaction time when the light goes green!

Challenge your friends with your speediest response time. Race your friends and react with your greatest speed.

Lets see who wins in this speed racing – react yourself, stomp and utilize the greatest chance by using the drag race reaction time mobile app!!

Drag Race Reaction Time is a run-through for testing your reaction time.

Excellent reaction time app. Try it now ;-)


User friendly interface to keep your reaction time racing speedier.

No Frustrating Sounds like few other games.

Performance Statistics to compare how well you are doing with your friends.

Timed in milliseconds for fastest response time.

Timed in milliseconds for fastest response time.

Timed in milliseconds for fastest response time.

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Party Planner Free Event Planning




Updated Version 2.1 Now Available in the iTunes App Store

Party planning and scheduling can be a real pain!

Personal Party Planner – Plan My Party Free will comfort you by helping you to organize parties or events successfully with the aim to easily keep track of your guests, budget, scheduling occasion, venue, shopping checklist, etc.

Plan party with an app that having everything needed to plan parties and events!
Plan your occasion any time of the year easily including the list, venue, organizing, etc.

Personal Party Planner – Plan My Party Free makes everything you need to plan your next party right in the palm of your hand.

Prepare and plan party or event by an easy checklist with lots of party associated items. If you are a party person, this is all you need to ensure you don’t forget anything.

Download Your Personal Party Planner Free, an ideal party or event planning app now!
Take all of the fuss and worry out of it with your own personal party planner app!

Party Planner Free


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Guitar Strings Electric Acoustic Bass






Wondering how to be a real Guitar Hero or just want to learn further on playing guitar!!!
Download GUITAR STRINGS right away and rock it!

A best Guitar string App for learning to play guitar scales, modes and chords. Play together with your friends like rolling a real band or easy go as a soloist.

Pick the chord you desire to play as a solo tuner, swipe finger across the screen like solo playing the strings of a real guitar. It may never be accurately like a real guitar instrument playing but it will be the best handy option to succeed an agreeable outcome of musical sound like real guitars.

It’s just a presentable Guitar strings tuner app for beginner and intermediate guitarists; certainly a top guitarist practice app. This guitar strings tuner app delivers the features that an individual beginner guitarist would consider as a basic learning for their smooth practice.

Play it wherever you go, anytime you like!
No need to carry the huge Guitars with you!
Strum some fascinating music with quality sound!

♬Guitar Strings Features♬

- Ultimate Acoustic guitar
- Can strum realistically
- Realistic vibration of string
- Easy string picking
- Even a Lefty can handle
- Smooth HD graphics
- Quality sound tuning

Get this visual guitar strings music instrument app and play chords of your much loved songs, or strum music of your own chord, as an ultimate soloist, or tune as a rolling mobile app band with your friends.

Strum visual guitar strings like no one is listening!!
It’s so much fun to strum these gaming guitar strings!!
Tune your guitar strings to fit you, and rock it!
Have hours of musical fun with your friends!

**Please be sure to check out our other musical apps**

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Weight Loss Subliminal Hypnotherapy




Just Released EARLIER TODAY in the Amazon App Store for Android:


Have you fallen into poor eating and exercise habits? Boost your confidence, metabolism and motivation to levels you never knew via hypnotic, by progressive Weight Loss Hypnotherapy App.

Unlike any fad diet or slim fit methods of weight loss, this hypnotherapy app works with subconscious mind thru transformed level of consciousness to help you lose body weight, motivation to exercise, get positive affirmation, gain confidence and keep it off by getting to the root of the issue. In the hypnosis process of reprogramming your unconscious mind, you can develop better eating habits; increase motivation to exercise, confidence and master impulse control.

Unhealthy body weight can negatively affect many aspects of your life. Not only can body weight affect your physical health but can lower your confidence, sex drive and even aggravate addictions like alcohol and smoking.

This new Weight Loss Hypnotherapy App from Action-App is customizable and features various tools to jump start you on your road to success.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy App involves hypnosis, motivation to exercise, transform level of consciousness and affirmation messages that helps you in losing body weight accordingly slim and fit. Pleasant sounds, daily affirmation and hypnotize suggestions are sent to your unconscious mind over hypnotic to make you slim and fit.

Hang on to Weight Loss Hypnosis App. Use power of hypnosis and subliminal messages to shed pounds, get motivation to exercise; loss body weight and feel great!!

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Better Mother/Wife Subliminal Hypnotherapy




JUST RELEASED in the Amazon App Store for Android:


Are you a good mother or better wife and want to improve your home life furthermore?
Do you longing to become a better wife or a good mother and lead your family on track?
Do you want to improve your parenting skills and family relationship?
All you need to do is to get this exceptional Subliminal Hypnosis App to make things happen to you!

Get this Hypno Therapy App right away to improve parenting skills and also relationship with your husband! Gain the patience and understanding to evolve your family relationship and home life into one of happiness and bliss, as a good mother with improved parenting skills or better wife with the help of hypnotherapy, subliminal messages or thoughts and positive affirmation.

Unlike any other parenting/partnership coaching programs, this hypnotherapy app accompanied by positive affirmation works with the subconscious mind to help you take control of your mind, stop negative thoughts and get started creating a positive thinking mindset that will lead to good relationships – as a better mom with effective parenting skills or a good wife, and all around success in your home life.

In the hypno therapy process of reprogramming your subconscious mind thru positive affirmation, you can develop more understanding, positive thinking, patience and happiness and can become a successful mom or wife. You can even master desires of your subconscious mind with hypnotherapy sessions.

When you begin to create positive thoughts thru hypnosis sessions, you can improve focus, control impulse decisions and live a longer, happier life. Reprogram your subconscious mind thru positive affirmations and hypnosis sessions to calm the stress receptors that make you feel overwhelmed and stressed so as to lead a successful family relationship and home life as a better mom or wife with positive thoughts.

This new Better Mother/Wife Hypno Therapy App from Action-App is customizable and features various tools for your success and happiness with the help of hypnosis process, positive affirmations and subliminal messages.

Use the power of subliminal messages and positive affirmations to transform your physical body and mental attitude, consequently your family relationship and life!!

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Public Speaking Subliminal Hypnotherapy




JUST Released in the Amazon App Store for Android:


Increase public speaking confidence by Subliminal Messages, Positive Affirmation and Hypnosis Sessions.

Gain Success in every phase of your Life and Business!
Have a great Leadership Quality that helps your Career!

Unlike any other public speaking programs, this hypnotherapy app works with the subconscious mind to help you take control of your mind, its thoughts thru hypnotism, gives you motivation, brings confidence and makes you a great public speaker.

Hypno therapy with positive affirmation can help you reveal the root of the issue and improves communication skill. In the hypno therapy process of reprogramming your unconscious mind, you can develop more confidence, positive thoughts for communication, motivation to succeed as a public speaker and master impulse control by hypnotism and positive affirmations.

Fear of Public Speaking can negatively affect many aspects of your life. Public Speaking can create unlimited employment opportunities and advancements in life. Reprogram your subconscious mind by hypno therapy to calm the stress receptors.

This new Public Speaking Subliminal Hypnotic App from Action-App is customizable and features various tools to give you success and happiness by hypnotism.

Use the power of subliminal messages, positive affirmation and hypnotherapy to relax, decrease stress to become a public speaker, develop positive thoughts by hypnotism sessions, gain confidence, get motivation and feel great in front of crowd!!

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